Wednesday, 19 January 2011

marc by marc jacobs ss11

it seems forever since i've seen a collection that i have really fallen for and i am truly head over heels for the eagerly awaited marc by marc jacobs ss show. reminiscent of the decade of disco, marc manifests high waisted trousers/shorts, big hats, flat wooden wedges and vibrant head adornments, contrasting block colours of burnt orange, terractota, raspberry and blue with femine neutrals and muted beige. undoubtlessy 70' in sillouhette and texture - without all the shit synthetics, and strikingly nostalgic of a young jodie foster in taxi driver.



Wednesday, 8 December 2010

postbox and sox.

'the weather outside is  frightful...' , it really is. snow is everywhere, heaps of the stuff and ya know what happens when it becomes snowy and icy and cold?! i like to stand in front of post boxes of course wearing peep-toes with socks,cranberry lipstick and massive sweaters and pea-coats, obv.

i'm quite sure my forehead grows and inch everyday. i'm wearing my gold  candycane broach here too, it  was bought for me when i was a child and it's super, super festive and lovely. xo

Thursday, 4 November 2010

fortune cookie.


i know i'm properly waffling on about kate moss of late, but she's been a busy lady and frankly, i like to talk about kate moss.

it seems that Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music is making a comeback::HOLLA!. Roxy Music have had some of the more fashionably iconic albumn covers throughout the years featuring;

Jerry Hall, Amanda Lear, Emma S, Marbessa, Lucy Helmore.


anyway, what i was getting at it, that Kate Moss has joined the line up in cover girls for bryan[stud.muffin]ferrys ne albumn, OLYMPIA.

bryan told me that he has me on speed dial for his next albumn cover. i was flattered, obv.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


i stumbled across marina's blog and found a few photographs from the darling halloween spent at the ritz, unfortunately none of her perfect sparkly striped pjamas but one of her fierce corpssee make-up job for specially for the famillyGHOUL/jewel event.

75115_1546577755863_1577610131_1247156_2363571_n.jpg picture by marinadiamandis

i sang my hear out and decided i wanted too pursuit gothic makeup; just a little bit. 

i'd take her life in a heartbeat, junkies included.

i am both excited and saddened by the new and last Kate Moss collection for Topshop. since 2007 Kate has been churning out elaborate and beautiful collections, unique for each season, i myself have a particularly show-stopping cocktail dress from her last A/W collection, it's gold and black and super skinny and i can hardly dance/move/breathe in it, but that's okay because it makes me look and feel like a beautiful 1920's movie star and i think that's exactly what miss.moss's clothes do to people. theyre designed to make you feel A THOUSAND DOLLAR$$$;

the final collection completely defines everything we know and love Kate for, it's eclectic, classic and nostalgic of our very English 1960's rock n roll heritage; collabortaing iconic paisley prints with oriental inspired kimonos and indulgent textures, after fourteen collections for Topshop; Kate has continuously put her heart and soul into each design not only managing to produce stunning pieces but to stay true to herself and her defiant london style,

i know it sounds kinda stupid,  but i love that despite being publicised racking up coke on a CD case and shagging quite a few dick heads she still remains untouchable,classy and terribly mysterious, without compromisng the vulnerability that can be found in her as a fourteen year old girl.

favourite evzz. katemoss shoot for 'The Face' magazine, grungy/innocent/90's adolecence.

Monday, 1 November 2010

i am the ressurection.

wow. it's been a while.

i cannot stress how much i have been itching to get some posts done, the summer months have been hectic and i feel i kinda lost myself for a little while.

anyway, i'm back and i'm feeling more positive than ever.

last night i went too see marina & the diamonds @ the ritz, manchester. dear god; that woman has lungs and the most perfect pair of sparkly striped pjamas. she got me all inspired, i'll be sure to elaborate at a later date.

this is only a short one, to get the ball rolling again but i am so excited to be back and blogging.

speak soon, love xo