Sunday, 31 January 2010


i have had a terribly hectic last week, my dearest luke has had a minor operation and so i have been particularly busy looking after him, watching movies and eating endless amounts of Haribo. i have hardly been on the net at all.

however i have noticed that within the last month my hair has significantly grown, which makes me quite happy considering that i was getting a tad bored with my pixie dooo.

currently it is at an awfully, awkward legnth that is leading me to pin it up with good old bobbys, in order for it too look... allright.

shortlly and hopefully i'll be getting a shag. minds out off the gutter it's the new effortless hair do sported by miss posh.

i'm thinking this will be pretty easy too create with a diffuser and a little wax. i also like taylor monsems wavy bob with a full fringe,.

either way i want somehting lush and effortless considering i am terrible with the whole hair and beauty lark.
until then i'm kinda sporting the whole audrey look with a lot of interesting and awkward hats, allthough trilybs are big this season and i managed to pick one up off the high street for a single pound the other day. who'd off thought it?! 

miquita oliver dresses up an large black trilby in simple masculine, fitted attire. i adore the shoes and the sharp collar on the shirt.

above, gossip girls blake lively is looking lovely and cosy in sheep skin and a beaten up fedora.

i am currently looking for an interesting and vibrant feather to stick in one of mine. i quite like feathers.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


hello there.
i am currently working on a little something in the follow up to my last breakfast club themed post, so watch this space and all that.
meanwhile, i got a little advice of my dear friend, mr.david groom whom suggested that i should write a little something up on men's fash.

so i'm just going to just try and give a little heads up on whats going to be big for gents this s/s.

first of all, engineer shirts in textured denims with rolled sleeves and a traditional sharp collar, worn in autumn, the spring look promotes a rustic vibe with brass rivets and buttons, to be worn with beige chinos or tailored work shorts.

roll up's are everywhere this season and alexander mcqueen has gone crazy with them. roll up's on trousers, shirts and jackets. primarily trousers, turn ups are looking lush in that old school preppy 1950's way, with a little sock showing. apparantly the brighter the better. i'm rooting for the eclectic way with ribbed grey/white socks and oxfords.

rolled up trousers and perfrect tailoring at dolce and gabbana. number three, call me!?


more outlandish approach on the staple with OTT embellishment and leather blazers at Moschino.

pastels and  beiges are currently masssive on the catwalk and are looking fresshh.

pastel blue and teal at Missoni.


combination of textures in beige and caramels, Pringle.

SaytenKumar combines pastel with crispy white and psychadelic prints for ss10.

& off course classic burberry beiges.

Friday, 22 January 2010


so, this is just a quick blog. i have been wso terribly busy lately i havn't managed to write anything for a good couple of days.

since my last blog i have discovered that watermelon rubicon is the best juice everrr, met my favourite scottish band Biffy Clyro and girl genious tavi dyed her hair blue. all equally exciting.

lately i have been watching a whole not of John Hughes movies and rediscovered my obsession for the brat pack. personal favourites molly wingwald, ally sheedy, judd nelson, rob lowe and emilio esteves.


these movies definitely exploit 80's threads at the ultimate best.

the breakfast club showcases grunnge, preppy, glam and geek chic all in one movie. how perfect. i do love this flickk. TO BE CONTIINUED..

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


wow. i am so thrilled after seeing the latest photographs from chanels S/S10 collection in paris, the most recent craze that brought edge and charisma to the light and virginal classic styles of chanel were the semi-permanent, tattoo transfers. exhibited on the models wrists and thighs were the iconic chains, pearls and the obvious interlocking logo and oh my lord. they look fiinnne.

these shoes should be mine, i'll give you a home and you can live a beautiful life on my feet.

cherry blossoms and swallows how  rock and roll, plus there's a happy ending to this fairy tale; just £49 for 55 transfers. by gosh i know i'd be a better person with my body graced with such lovelyness, if only i had those shoes. call me??!!

Monday, 18 January 2010


i'm sorry i have been neglecting everyone over the last weekend but i have been quite a busy missy.

first and foremost i attended my friend's affair looking very foxxay indeed if i do say so myself, i had a massive crush on this kate moss for  topshop dress, but wasn't too sure if i could worrk it. anyway, i watched it go down in the sales and when it got too £20, i just had to snap it up.

amaizing. twenty english pounds and it looks pretty dandy, in a good old razzle dazzle way of course.

some vintage inspired, diamante and enamel door knocker earrings, a chunky studded bangle - particularrly heavy; might i add and a kissing boyfriend name luke.

also,i must add that the best dressed had to be the beautiful birthday girl and my dear friend somruethai wilson, aka. pinky whom created this fabulous dress in a matter of days. lovely.

Saturday, 16 January 2010


i am so happy about the rise in grunge fashion atm, i am a huge nirvana fan  and used to sport the grunge look when i was around 13years old. i adore it, obviously now it's nice to put a glamorous twist on looks inspired by youth culture and theyre are so many celebs out there that are doing it better than the queen of grunge herself miss courtney love. bold statement i know, but courtney and i, we just don't click.

i don't want tro sound like a cliche but i am so in love with mary-kate olsens style currently, mary kate and ashley look divine together, with they're wonderful sweet and sour contrast. yet mary-kate really does stand out for her individualy style asnd her tendancy to experiment.

marykate combinbes skyscarper heels with checked shirts and oversized slouchy handbags.

i heard that mary-kate got criticized for the above ensemble, this pains me. i really do appreciate this outfit so much. i think she looks like a gorgeous groupie, in furs and a dash of red lipstick. thankyou marykate for bringing this.

i am also quite envious of gossips girl taylor monsem for her grunge inspired looks and her amaizinng leggss eleven. the bold pink mini has made my day.

model alice dellal inspires me with her mean undercut and her truly unorthodox approach to grunge/punk. what a lady.

and of course from my side of the border pixxie. always effortless, always individual. wearing docs and doing grunge. eat your heart out courtney.

Friday, 15 January 2010


today i had to call the dentist in fear of missing a very important appointment, thankfully i havn't, i am contstantly at the dentist and it is rubbish.

this is because i am eighteen and i wear braces. very unfortunate indeed. i try to avoid showing them on photographs and i am terribly self-concious. however it seems that unperfect teeth are becoming quite the feature on many models, this makes me feel a little better. i have to say.

definitely kinda hot in a somewhat dorky/ugly way. i lllovve it. 
oh and another needed boost for my teeth ego, louurdes also wear braces..

i know she's a child but she's maddonnas daughter too. let me embrace my braces.

p.s is that a topshop dress she's sporting. i think so, i love that she looks like on of us mere humans here.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


i'm attending a party/birthday affair on saturday, therefore i am excited to try out some new looks.
anyway, i've been looking for inspiration all week for what kinda direction i'm intending to head for, i want to look like a how'd you say 'foxxxy momma' with a little less flesh and a little more substance, however i am of course a little dubious that being foxy isn't my thing, however i found the inspiration i needed in a familiar 'foxy' icon. the beautiful miss debbie harry.

the above video makes me want to be ice blonde, powerdress a suit everyday with a large entourage of similarly clad men and develop a certain swagger that makes sparks. i know if this happened, i'd be a better person.

heart of glass circa: FOXXXAAAY blondie. how how i love her and her complexion and the way her hair ruffles like so. please be my wife?

i'll be sure to update you on how this goes. definitely infusing some lusious seventies disco kitten/prettypunk vibes into whatever i happen to conjour up. could be a disaster, could be marrrvellous.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


i am very happy, fearne cotton one of my favourite brit ladies, next to madgethatch of course has launched her own fashion range and my mother treated me to one of her very lovely capes - bearing in mind i currently have a giant crush on capes in general atm, i am in mighty high spirits.

this is just a staple black number, but fearne also has a heavier check design that i think might just make this horrid and unpractical weather a little more bearable.

my favourite thing about this has to be; without a doubt...

the fact that i look like sherlock holmes. detective chic. thankyou mummy.


hello there,
i have been busy,busy,busy over the last week with the WKW challenge and i have a e-mail from the man himself to confirm that i shall be on the blog at the end of the week, very exciting news. i must say.

so anyway, i thought it may be an idea to concentrate on my blog rather than katies and therefore i'm posting my seven days of the outfits tha make me happy on here. kinda like a premier of myself and my clothes. yet less important, interesting and colourful.

so here it goes, seven days of casey.

an tedious process defining your stlye in one week, never the less i have tried to cover the range of my favourite textures, styles and sillouhettes & i felt like a movie star.

Friday, 8 January 2010


i have just toted my laptop back home in a ridiculous souvenir rucksack luke and i collected when we were last at the seaside. the bag has been terribly practical but i'm starting to consider a more sassy and reliable substitute for this plastic drawstring monster.

laptop bags are showing up all over the place, in so many designs and colours.

my favourtie has to be this classic mulberry design. i adore the satchel design; timeless.

this pure luxury carrier from bottega veneta has TDF woven leather texture.

and as for a classic staple black number, here's gucci.

topshop too, have started their own range of unique, funky and functional carriers.

perhaps i should swap my souvenir sack for one of the above.


i must say theyre are some dashing men popping up around the music scene, with the dress sense to accompany it.

i am currently bessoted with the lovely and talenetd Palou Nutini and his performance on the NYE Hooternanny, clarified that i definitely want  him as future spouse/husband. perhaps?

the 60's inspired suit/polo combo was such an obvious choice, yet seemed so uncomparable on him and as for his effortless fringey hair.just adorable.  i do hope i don't sound too patronising here. i just generally admire this man.

paolo nutini - love machine.

i think paolo definitely proves that you're definitely not fully dressed without a smile.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


today i am again stranded at home, in front of the fire with another snow day.
today i didn't even consider the attempt to stumble down the street in novelty wellington boots and the faithful oversized duffle coat i resort too when hungover or lazy.

i am sick & tired off this ridiculous and unpractical weather and i'm substantially yearning for spring.

to top off my desire, i have stumbled across some ss10 campaigns, that are getting me a little hot under the collar.

first and foremost. thankyou burberry, this ad has definitely warmed my cockles and given me a huge dose of forward thinking.

emma watson, pastel mac, just above the knee, subtley structured shoulders and the lovely george to her left. i want her life, please?

and how actually lush does madonna look in the new dolce and gabbana, madonna by stevein clein shoot. it really does make me want to be a sexual, domestic godess. said to be inspired by italian neorealism cinema, it seems so raw to anything D&G have done before. well done.

how much do you wnat these brows?!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


wow. it's my first ever post and the start of a brand new year. this leaves me with quite a lot to talk about.
i am currently experiencing my anual 'post xmas' wardrobe crisis; this happens just about every year.
around about christmas time, when i have lots of new gifts, i become terriblly excited and optimistic, loosing concept & wearing everything at once with ginormous intention. this results in me looking like an eccentric libarian throughout the winter period.

nevertheless i just wanted to make note of  some very charming accesorises bought for me by the handsome mister luke irving. he bought them both coincidentally at topshop and they look completely darling with everything.

i have been forever lusting over this navy holdall since i unwrapped it on christmas evening. it is absoloutely perfect for carrying my endless amount of everyday things, it also has a shoulder strap, practical too! primarily i just completely adore the shape and structure, i can see this bag being my bff for quite a while.

it is becoming apparant that i have an evergrowing collection of brogues, but these bad boys definitely stand out. these monochrome brogues have a defnitie masculine vibe about them & thats why i love them so much. i have allready worn them with skinny trousers and a polo shirt, with a dash of red lippy for a last minute shopping trips and dinner at my aunts, but i am so excited to wear them with a chiffon dress and grey ribbed knee highs. there are so many things to do with them! love them lots. thankyou luke.

p.s i also wanted to show you this beautiful medal crown broach my mother bought me from 'Lello Jewellery'. they have some amaizing costume pieces. i have a velvet tailored jacket that will love this.