Tuesday, 5 January 2010


wow. it's my first ever post and the start of a brand new year. this leaves me with quite a lot to talk about.
i am currently experiencing my anual 'post xmas' wardrobe crisis; this happens just about every year.
around about christmas time, when i have lots of new gifts, i become terriblly excited and optimistic, loosing concept & wearing everything at once with ginormous intention. this results in me looking like an eccentric libarian throughout the winter period.

nevertheless i just wanted to make note of  some very charming accesorises bought for me by the handsome mister luke irving. he bought them both coincidentally at topshop and they look completely darling with everything.

i have been forever lusting over this navy holdall since i unwrapped it on christmas evening. it is absoloutely perfect for carrying my endless amount of everyday things, it also has a shoulder strap, practical too! primarily i just completely adore the shape and structure, i can see this bag being my bff for quite a while.

it is becoming apparant that i have an evergrowing collection of brogues, but these bad boys definitely stand out. these monochrome brogues have a defnitie masculine vibe about them & thats why i love them so much. i have allready worn them with skinny trousers and a polo shirt, with a dash of red lippy for a last minute shopping trips and dinner at my aunts, but i am so excited to wear them with a chiffon dress and grey ribbed knee highs. there are so many things to do with them! love them lots. thankyou luke.

p.s i also wanted to show you this beautiful medal crown broach my mother bought me from 'Lello Jewellery'. they have some amaizing costume pieces. i have a velvet tailored jacket that will love this.

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