Sunday, 31 January 2010


i have had a terribly hectic last week, my dearest luke has had a minor operation and so i have been particularly busy looking after him, watching movies and eating endless amounts of Haribo. i have hardly been on the net at all.

however i have noticed that within the last month my hair has significantly grown, which makes me quite happy considering that i was getting a tad bored with my pixie dooo.

currently it is at an awfully, awkward legnth that is leading me to pin it up with good old bobbys, in order for it too look... allright.

shortlly and hopefully i'll be getting a shag. minds out off the gutter it's the new effortless hair do sported by miss posh.

i'm thinking this will be pretty easy too create with a diffuser and a little wax. i also like taylor monsems wavy bob with a full fringe,.

either way i want somehting lush and effortless considering i am terrible with the whole hair and beauty lark.
until then i'm kinda sporting the whole audrey look with a lot of interesting and awkward hats, allthough trilybs are big this season and i managed to pick one up off the high street for a single pound the other day. who'd off thought it?! 

miquita oliver dresses up an large black trilby in simple masculine, fitted attire. i adore the shoes and the sharp collar on the shirt.

above, gossip girls blake lively is looking lovely and cosy in sheep skin and a beaten up fedora.

i am currently looking for an interesting and vibrant feather to stick in one of mine. i quite like feathers.

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