Wednesday, 13 January 2010


i'm attending a party/birthday affair on saturday, therefore i am excited to try out some new looks.
anyway, i've been looking for inspiration all week for what kinda direction i'm intending to head for, i want to look like a how'd you say 'foxxxy momma' with a little less flesh and a little more substance, however i am of course a little dubious that being foxy isn't my thing, however i found the inspiration i needed in a familiar 'foxy' icon. the beautiful miss debbie harry.

the above video makes me want to be ice blonde, powerdress a suit everyday with a large entourage of similarly clad men and develop a certain swagger that makes sparks. i know if this happened, i'd be a better person.

heart of glass circa: FOXXXAAAY blondie. how how i love her and her complexion and the way her hair ruffles like so. please be my wife?

i'll be sure to update you on how this goes. definitely infusing some lusious seventies disco kitten/prettypunk vibes into whatever i happen to conjour up. could be a disaster, could be marrrvellous.

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