Friday, 15 January 2010


today i had to call the dentist in fear of missing a very important appointment, thankfully i havn't, i am contstantly at the dentist and it is rubbish.

this is because i am eighteen and i wear braces. very unfortunate indeed. i try to avoid showing them on photographs and i am terribly self-concious. however it seems that unperfect teeth are becoming quite the feature on many models, this makes me feel a little better. i have to say.

definitely kinda hot in a somewhat dorky/ugly way. i lllovve it. 
oh and another needed boost for my teeth ego, louurdes also wear braces..

i know she's a child but she's maddonnas daughter too. let me embrace my braces.

p.s is that a topshop dress she's sporting. i think so, i love that she looks like on of us mere humans here.

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