Saturday, 16 January 2010


i am so happy about the rise in grunge fashion atm, i am a huge nirvana fan  and used to sport the grunge look when i was around 13years old. i adore it, obviously now it's nice to put a glamorous twist on looks inspired by youth culture and theyre are so many celebs out there that are doing it better than the queen of grunge herself miss courtney love. bold statement i know, but courtney and i, we just don't click.

i don't want tro sound like a cliche but i am so in love with mary-kate olsens style currently, mary kate and ashley look divine together, with they're wonderful sweet and sour contrast. yet mary-kate really does stand out for her individualy style asnd her tendancy to experiment.

marykate combinbes skyscarper heels with checked shirts and oversized slouchy handbags.

i heard that mary-kate got criticized for the above ensemble, this pains me. i really do appreciate this outfit so much. i think she looks like a gorgeous groupie, in furs and a dash of red lipstick. thankyou marykate for bringing this.

i am also quite envious of gossips girl taylor monsem for her grunge inspired looks and her amaizinng leggss eleven. the bold pink mini has made my day.

model alice dellal inspires me with her mean undercut and her truly unorthodox approach to grunge/punk. what a lady.

and of course from my side of the border pixxie. always effortless, always individual. wearing docs and doing grunge. eat your heart out courtney.

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