Sunday, 28 February 2010


i have just seen the photograph's from the lastest premiere of Tim Burtons twisted and rivetting portrayal of 'Alice In Wonderland' feat. Johnny Depp... Drool.. and Helena Bonham Carter and the turn out seemed pretty dandy to say the least, with lots of Burton-esque eccentric celebs and quite a few familiar facees.

it just seems a little uncanny that most of the guests there were in someway trying to represent a charachter from the story of alice in wonderland. i see it like this...

Paloma Faith AKA The Mad Hatter?!

Alice and Charlotte Dellal AKA TweedleDEE/DUM.

Daisy Lowe AKA Somme Effed Up Rabbit/Bunny. wot evzz.
(the one that's late for the date..and that)

Lily Cole Has To Be Alice She Is Adorablleee.

And Of Course..

Queen Viv..Of  Hearts That Is.
(my heart)

Saturday, 27 February 2010


this is not a fashion related post, but i thought i'd note my current enthusiasm for 'Manchester Orchestra', i saw them supporting Biffy Clyro a couple of months back at manc. appollo and they had the most charismatic, electric stage presence i've witnessed for quite a while. so now i'm pretty much hooked.

There seems to be two video's for the featured song, both of them are really entertaining, individual and alternative, this being the more emotive of the two, the other being respectively a little bit white trash with karaoke bars and a whole lot of trucker caps.

i adore the gritty60's/sepia/ciggarette burn ambience of it all. like polaroids of people and memories that nobody can remember and i'm pretty much in parka heaven.


Wednesday, 24 February 2010


hello there.
quite eventful day today, we had a charming fashion forecaster in from promostyl a parisian trend research company, predicting s/s11. it was the highlight of my day when, whilst displaying one concept 'alternaive' a melancholy take on teen subculture, an ode to adolecent ambiguity flirting between romaticism and rebellion, a photograph of the lovely tavi of style rookie; looking particulary sweet and captivating. yes that's just about how eventful my days get lately.

on another note, i'm on pursuit of celebrity faces i can idealistically eff up. i'm currently on a project that requires me to construct a jacket from recycled and unconventional materials and so i've decided that i'm going to use magazines; scouting them for faces and controversial issues. i'm intending on making this jacket, just a little bit...ugly pretty.

so i have a few images here, to give you an idea. i also have a few amywhinehouse/kerrykatona/katieprice one's too; which are a little bit trashhhy - in a novelty way of course.


Thursday, 18 February 2010


just seen a few flicks from miu miu's s/s10 collection and am completely bessotted with the quirky little animal details they are featuring.

it's completely in miu miu's nature to focus on the small and peculiar details that light up my life and make me a little dizzy. the cat and canine combo is fab. i feel i'm going to have to DIY my own pussy broach - sounds rude, it's not. i think the use of token, cute chaarchters compliments a gothic ensemble and adds a certain charisma to a blank, black coat/cape.

i've noticed an awful lot of collar detail popping up around the fash scene. collar details, collar embelishment and diverse collar shapes and structure. how lovely. these images have definitely fuled my shoe addiction, patterned, pastel, platforms. this is love.

on the subject of animals, i am currently driving luke crazy on the pursuit for a pug, a friend for life who i'd affectiontely name audrey. hearttsss....but at present i think this is a bit of  longshot but i noticed katie and her lovely little pug doggy- baggy from fuzzy nation.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


hello, hello blog world. how i've been neglecting you lately.
i'm truly sorry but life has been one hectic whirlwind over the last week or so.

first and foremost, i'd like to say how terribly, terribly sad i have been since hearing the news about dear alexander. it has been such a shock and such a shame, he was one of the most inspirational designers of our generation, so brave and charismatic. he will forever be an icon.

over the last week i have picked up lots and lots of fabulous things, i have gone a little crazy and i'd like to introduce my new little quilted jacket courtesy of  topshop.


i have been looking for a quirky little day number for quite a while lately and this definitely fits. it wasn't until yesterday that luke pointed out the hidden little treasures in the design that has made me love it more. amongst the flowers and grids lies...
a skelekii on a bicycle && 

a skeleton wearing a dress and sporting marracas, in some kind of tango-ing format. amaizing!? i think so. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


as fashion students, we are expected to find inspiration, recreate the inspiration and incorporate this inspiration into our final design/outcome.

however, i just had to post about my friend miss bianca banks,

bianca finds inspiration in just about aanything from moths too..

vivienne westwoods hair?! and such an uncanny adaptation of viv's infamous do.

well done bee, this definitely made my day.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


i am currently sat in a suspiciously dark patch of the libary, between the books 'discreet mathematics' and 'the dictionary of etymology', i should be concentrating on tediously annotating some messy hat designs that i'm starting to despise and looking into local sculpture on this ridiculously slow libary laptop.

however i stumbled across this this morning and, well, just take a look...

do i really need to elaborate? i too, miss gaga am speechless. this video raised the idea that perhaps elton an gaga are related?! eltons test tube icon? perhaps. it is hollywood afterall.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


last night i stayed at my dearest lukes house and with having such a terribly lazy day, time passed and it got a little too late for me to head home and get some fresh clothes for today. i don't do this very often i reassure you.
so alas; this morning i raded luke's wardrobe in attempt too see what i could find. i really do love wearing my boyfriends clothes not in a cross dressing kinda way or something of that sort but i feel that wearing loose fitting shirts and tee's with super skinny trousers heels and heaps of lipstick really does make me feel classically sexy.

so i took some photographs of a few of the outfits i managed to conjour up involving my skinny trousers, classic patent shoe boots (bought from a charity shop in Harrogate for £8!) and a few gold chains and lockets.


here i'm wearing one of lukes flannel lumber-jack shirts, with his tegan&sara/american apparel tee, i absoloutely adore this tee and try to wear it at any possible opportuinty. the design is sickk, tegan and sara in tree form? and tegan or is it sara has been chopped? amaizing. i intend to inherite this shirt in due time.

here i am working the masculine, monochrome look in one of lukes tailored shirts and his charcoal denim shirt, as you can see i like to layer. i definitely think this has a workman/pirate vibe of some sort.


and here i am wearing a pair of lukes super burgundy drainpipes. these kinda have an anti-fit feel on me, but i kinda like it and worn with heels and a tight jersey shirt it kinda looks allright. please excuse my terribly hair, its pretty much in purgatory atm - neither here nor there.
p.s i'd also love to share with you what the man himself has been wearing since recovering from his op. 

i apologise for the photo of just his lower body but he was afraid his hair looked awful, luke is going for a highly defined muppet theme in animal lounge pants and kermit slippers, i think these definitely are helping with the whole mending process.