Thursday, 18 February 2010


just seen a few flicks from miu miu's s/s10 collection and am completely bessotted with the quirky little animal details they are featuring.

it's completely in miu miu's nature to focus on the small and peculiar details that light up my life and make me a little dizzy. the cat and canine combo is fab. i feel i'm going to have to DIY my own pussy broach - sounds rude, it's not. i think the use of token, cute chaarchters compliments a gothic ensemble and adds a certain charisma to a blank, black coat/cape.

i've noticed an awful lot of collar detail popping up around the fash scene. collar details, collar embelishment and diverse collar shapes and structure. how lovely. these images have definitely fuled my shoe addiction, patterned, pastel, platforms. this is love.

on the subject of animals, i am currently driving luke crazy on the pursuit for a pug, a friend for life who i'd affectiontely name audrey. hearttsss....but at present i think this is a bit of  longshot but i noticed katie and her lovely little pug doggy- baggy from fuzzy nation.

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