Wednesday, 24 February 2010


hello there.
quite eventful day today, we had a charming fashion forecaster in from promostyl a parisian trend research company, predicting s/s11. it was the highlight of my day when, whilst displaying one concept 'alternaive' a melancholy take on teen subculture, an ode to adolecent ambiguity flirting between romaticism and rebellion, a photograph of the lovely tavi of style rookie; looking particulary sweet and captivating. yes that's just about how eventful my days get lately.

on another note, i'm on pursuit of celebrity faces i can idealistically eff up. i'm currently on a project that requires me to construct a jacket from recycled and unconventional materials and so i've decided that i'm going to use magazines; scouting them for faces and controversial issues. i'm intending on making this jacket, just a little bit...ugly pretty.

so i have a few images here, to give you an idea. i also have a few amywhinehouse/kerrykatona/katieprice one's too; which are a little bit trashhhy - in a novelty way of course.


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