Sunday, 28 February 2010


i have just seen the photograph's from the lastest premiere of Tim Burtons twisted and rivetting portrayal of 'Alice In Wonderland' feat. Johnny Depp... Drool.. and Helena Bonham Carter and the turn out seemed pretty dandy to say the least, with lots of Burton-esque eccentric celebs and quite a few familiar facees.

it just seems a little uncanny that most of the guests there were in someway trying to represent a charachter from the story of alice in wonderland. i see it like this...

Paloma Faith AKA The Mad Hatter?!

Alice and Charlotte Dellal AKA TweedleDEE/DUM.

Daisy Lowe AKA Somme Effed Up Rabbit/Bunny. wot evzz.
(the one that's late for the date..and that)

Lily Cole Has To Be Alice She Is Adorablleee.

And Of Course..

Queen Viv..Of  Hearts That Is.
(my heart)

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