Wednesday, 17 February 2010


hello, hello blog world. how i've been neglecting you lately.
i'm truly sorry but life has been one hectic whirlwind over the last week or so.

first and foremost, i'd like to say how terribly, terribly sad i have been since hearing the news about dear alexander. it has been such a shock and such a shame, he was one of the most inspirational designers of our generation, so brave and charismatic. he will forever be an icon.

over the last week i have picked up lots and lots of fabulous things, i have gone a little crazy and i'd like to introduce my new little quilted jacket courtesy of  topshop.


i have been looking for a quirky little day number for quite a while lately and this definitely fits. it wasn't until yesterday that luke pointed out the hidden little treasures in the design that has made me love it more. amongst the flowers and grids lies...
a skelekii on a bicycle && 

a skeleton wearing a dress and sporting marracas, in some kind of tango-ing format. amaizing!? i think so. 

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