Monday, 26 April 2010

h&m ss10.

i have an ever growing admiration for H&M and they're ss10 collection have had me head over heels for prints and shape.

the photos above featured in their lookbook have completely defined the ideas of sillouhette and texture that i'm feeling for this spring. a total mash-up, kinda like luxe boho? i think so.

Friday, 16 April 2010

marina and the diamonds.

marina and the diamonds. current musical crush.
this video has the most insane make-up jobs, i bloody love it.

lennon specs.

i am and always have been a huge fan of the UK fashion mag 'company'; it manages to sustain a well balanced content of high and street fashion, beauty, all thingys girly and the odd political issue.

the april issue, suprisingly focused on young & trendy fashion bloggers. very fresh. a particular spread with Blanaid Hennesey and Laura Cunningham off, pretty much had me in limbo.

a lot of substantial points made with attention to 'sport-couture' and 'space invader' which promoted the futuristic theme becoming specifically popular around s/s10.

however theyre was an section titled 'a trend too far' which idealisticly defined certain ideas and concepts which just arn't working; this included hooded dresses, purple and bunny ears - which fair enough you win some, you lose some; but i was quite shocked at this little statement right here, targeted at the olsens.

 As John Lennon himself once sang: 'Imagine all the people. looking like Harry Potter-loving freaks,' - or something like that. So why all the ghe goggle-eyed-glasses wearers, ey?...'

i'm pretty sure that's not how it goes, a little blasphemous perhaps?

'...The trend is not as big and clever and cool and retro as you think. So please, Let It Be.'

i do believe this is the frames that they are reffering too:

perhaps i'm a little bit alien or just off beat with the world of fashion atm, but i absoloutely adore these. the shape, tones and the gradient off mary-kates lenses. lush, lush, lush. i admit they're definitely a little odd and  majorly insect but isn't this what 2010 is all about, pushing boundaries and  fashion as an art form.

too reinforce this, i'm sure super round spectacles are emerging all over the parisian scene, with proenza schouler commiting to the trend big time. i personally love these monochrome numbers with metal frames from theyre spring show.

a quote from the NYtimes, states.

''When Proenza Schouler introduced round sunglasses in spring 2008, the designers were actually so far ahead of the trend that they were at a disadvantage. Circular frames are not face-friendly, Ms. McCabe said, and usually look best on women with strong jaw lines, so the line’s initial styles were difficult to sell. But newer versions, which are slightly larger and more angular, with the stems positioned higher on the frame, have been a success. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the designers of the label, said in an e-mail message that they had been bored with the prevailing Wayfarer look and that, while looking at images of midcentury factory workers in goggles, “something about the simplicity of that shape against the face turned us on.''

i think that's enough said. i understand that i may be a tad nit-pickky about this matter, but it got my goat and no matter how you look at it, the way in which to  wear these, oversized and cartoon is definitely not Lennon.
that man will forever be an icon, continuing to add references into fashion and culture.

Friday, 9 April 2010

killa, killa.

current crazy fetish/obsession/reason to live -

how these shoes would make my spring. perfect wedge sandal with lace-up detail and tribalesque applique. *heart palputation*

Thursday, 8 April 2010

to be alive and kicking.

right. first and foremost, all apologies.
i have been neglectful beyond measure of this mere blog of mine over the last month or so. it is dire and i feel truly guilty but life has been a bit of a whirlwind, with lots of unexpected changes and all that lark. so i have been a bit low on inspiration, you cannot be inspired when you can't open your eyes and i have been a little blind for weeks now. alas however i feel that i need to commit and get 'onnit' in blogging terms; of course.

i cannot seem to catch up on all the wonderful things that have appeared over my hiatus, i.e telllephhonne. *breathless* so i'm just gonna pop some images up here from the last couple of weeks and get back into the swing of things.