Wednesday, 3 November 2010

i'd take her life in a heartbeat, junkies included.

i am both excited and saddened by the new and last Kate Moss collection for Topshop. since 2007 Kate has been churning out elaborate and beautiful collections, unique for each season, i myself have a particularly show-stopping cocktail dress from her last A/W collection, it's gold and black and super skinny and i can hardly dance/move/breathe in it, but that's okay because it makes me look and feel like a beautiful 1920's movie star and i think that's exactly what miss.moss's clothes do to people. theyre designed to make you feel A THOUSAND DOLLAR$$$;

the final collection completely defines everything we know and love Kate for, it's eclectic, classic and nostalgic of our very English 1960's rock n roll heritage; collabortaing iconic paisley prints with oriental inspired kimonos and indulgent textures, after fourteen collections for Topshop; Kate has continuously put her heart and soul into each design not only managing to produce stunning pieces but to stay true to herself and her defiant london style,

i know it sounds kinda stupid,  but i love that despite being publicised racking up coke on a CD case and shagging quite a few dick heads she still remains untouchable,classy and terribly mysterious, without compromisng the vulnerability that can be found in her as a fourteen year old girl.

favourite evzz. katemoss shoot for 'The Face' magazine, grungy/innocent/90's adolecence.

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